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RAJA AMPAT, A Piece of Paradise That Fall Into The Earth

There is no paradise on earth, but there are pieces of paradise that fall into the earth. One of them is Raja Ampat Island, in West Papua Province, Indonesia.

It consisted of over thousand small islands, seems like diamond from above. Raja Ampat also well known as  part of Coral Triangle which contains the richest marine biodiversity on earth.

If you want to know how beautiful is it, here we provide several amazing photos that posted by twitter user :

Small islands | Photo by

Nicest place for diving | Photo by

Coral reef | Photo by

Photo by

OMG !!! Photo by

Photo by

Look at this place !!! Photo by

I want to take my shirt off and….jump !!! | Photo by

The most beautiful sunrise | Photo by twitter/@katasitampan

The real hidden paradise | Photo by

The Hidden Paradise | Photo by (Photo Cover)


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